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Jodi Silver Videography LLC / Penn''s Hill Media is an agile media company that focuses on creating high quality products. Quality comes easy when you understand your client’s needs, plan meticulously, and have talented people dedicated to the projects. Our business strategy is quite simple and very effective: we treat people well, we come prepared, and we always do our best.

Jodi, a director of photography with more than 25 years of television studio and field videography experience, officially founded Jodi Silver Videography LLC / Penn's Hill Media in 2009. From U.S. Presidents to professional sports figures, Jodi has been the “eye behind the lens” for countless dignitaries and persons of importance. Her clients have trusted her attention to detail and her arsenal of top-quality broadcast equipment to shoot millions of frames of video. Today, Jodi continues to dominate the market with her lighting and videography skills.

In 2014, Robert Fagnant Jr. joined the team to help meet the needs of the expanding business. As a broadcast director and technical director, Rob left commercial television in 2009 and joined Pyxis Productions as its production manager. At Pyxis, Rob produced, directed, and served as the technical “go to” person for countless commercial and broadcast projects. Notable productions include the 2012 Massachusetts Debate for U.S. Senate and the 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert at the JFK Library and Museum with James Taylor.